Blanca Doyle is a certified trainer for the only FDA cleared TriPollar technology.  

Blanca Doyle founder of Skindividuality

Blanca Doyle founder of Skindividuality

Blanca’s team combine’s proven technology with an advanced practice of Skindividuality™ Method. This method is the ultimate medical technique to advance a natural “ageless performance” for skin and related tissue. This unique method measure’s each individuals therapeutic response with proven protocols of customizing a sequence of treatment(s) for each individual. Our therapeutic treatments are visible with each session but our proven goal is a lifetime “ageless” performance.

Blanca has been specializing in non-invasive technologies for the past six years. After seeing an emerging trend  of therapeutic technology Radio Frequency, but frustrated by the market’s inability to leverage the technology’s full potential and the lack of a personalized approach, Blanca founded The Skindividuality™ Method.  A customized cutting edge method that rejuvenates all layers of your skin and incorporates an exclusive technique to measure the pliability of the muscle. This multidimensional approach amplifies your results by promoting your skin to function younger naturally with the added benefit of toning and smoothing the underlying muscle & related tissue. Blanca strived for a better foundation to a more complete method. Today the Skindividuality Method is setting  higher standards for individual results and raising expectations with non-invasive technology.