Interview and FAQ

Interview with Blanca and FAQ

What is the technology Skindividuality is using and why is it different?               

Skindividuality™ works with medically tested Tripollar Radio Frequency which is considered the gold standard in therapeutic and aesthetic rejuvenation by the FDA, and is the latest standalone (third generation) technology. Previous generations of Radio Frequency had strong results, but most patients experienced a high-level of discomfort. The design of Tripollar allows for a totally pain-free experience and the multidimensional applicator creates a completely customized experience. No standardization. No pre-timed protocols. Furthermore, at Skindividuality™, we offer the only treatment that includes medical, clinical and aesthetic methods, resulting in a younger, natural look after only one session.

Why do you generally recommend 6 treatments in a series?

6 treatments allows us to gauge the permanence of the series, and determine how your skin and muscles react to it. Within a 6 treatment series, you should undergo one treatment every 7-10 days. Each treatment infuses positive and negative energies into the cells of your skin layers and muscles (RF technology), and while results are immediate from day one, a series of 6 allows for continued improvements to the functionality of collegian production, muscle placement, and skin visibility. Functionality is the key word here. It’s not a quick, superficial fix, but a treatment that affects the long-term function of your skin and muscles post-treatment.

After the initial series, we suggest that you wait 6 to 8 weeks to see how your skin continues to improve on its own, and it will improve. We call this the Rejuvenation stage.

The third stage, Progressive Maintenance, address your skin’s response to the first series. It’s completely customized, progressive and is dependent on your age, lifestyle, and ”problem areas.” For example, a client of mine in her early 30s and has a high-metabolism and fair skin. As a result, her under eye area is thin and prone to dark circles which has been a primary maintenance area for her due to genetic makeup. The rest of her skin took strongly to the series, but she’ll come in every couple of months to continue to refine that under eye area.

We will always recommend what is best for you personally and provide the most cost-effective approach to achieve those goals.