Skindividuality | Customer Testimonials

Testimonials from recent customers.

Elizabeth 55, New York City
Thanks to Blanca Doyle, my skin has a daily sense of being replenished. It is glowing and has a fresh, fuller and healthier look. I can actually look in the mirror without thinking about getting a facelift tomorrow - which is miraculous! Thanks to Blanca and her magic touch and treatment.

Nikki, 32. New York City
Blanca, you have made my skin look amazing! I wanted to take some natural preventative measures to aging, and the result is so much better than I could have ever imagined. My skin looks refreshed and healthy, and it was such a relaxing experience! Thank you!!

Mara, 48. Colts Neck, NJ
Dear Blanca, All I can say is wow and thank you! My skin looks and feels gorgeous. The whole experience of your RF 'heated massage' is changing my life! My legs, knees, backside, face and neck haven't looked this firm, smooth and tight in almost 10 years! I'm addicted and happy to share this safe, effective beauty secret with everyone I know! Girl power and pretty we are!

Alice, 63. New York City
Blanca, I wanted to tell you that when I use those blasting hand dryers I used to see the top layer of my hands ripple like water with a helicopter over it. BUT NOT NOW!!! HA! Barely a ripple at all!! Amazing!  Thank you!!!

Margie, 55. Norwood, NJ
Blanca, Just want to let you know what a wonderful and relaxing experience I had with my treatment. My skin looked so much better afterwards! It really exceeded my expectations and I would recommend you to anyone who wants to look younger! Thanks so much!!

Lenore, 50. New York City
WOO HOO!! A warm and relaxing tummy massage once a week and my flabby stomach (post-four babies and menopause) sucked right in and, even better, lifted and stretch marks faded. For the first time in my life, I have a sculpted contoured waist. I am so looking forward to the beach!!! THANK YOU, BLANCA!